10 Stuff You Didn’t Know About Jeff Wittek

By | April 3, 2021

On June 30, 2020, the YouTube star posted about being in a severe accident, and rumors have been circulating that he obtained injured while filming a vlog.

She additionally revealed a photograph with a timestamp which proved Jeff was present on the time and played a recording which contradicted his story. Jeff has mentioned he has donated cash to a charity that helps victims of sexual assault, adding that what Dom did was “horrible and disgusting”. And her good friend informed Insider she recollects Jeff going out to purchase alcohol that same night time. He denies the allegations, however photographs show he was there while the victim was carried out of the house.

He Spent A While In Jail For Dealing And Possession Of Medicine

He additionally went on report to state that the claims by Trisha Paytas that he equipped the alcohol to the underage girls to “loosen them up” were utterly false. He acknowledged that he’s been in touch with Insider, who initially publicized the claims of one of the girls concerned on the night time. He added that he had nothing to do with the alcohol supplied to them. This week on Skotcast, the guys attempt to bear in mind if they’ve ever actually been in a hot air balloon or if it was all a dream. Also mentioned is how everyone is the main character or their own life’s film, the strain of writing good Instagram captions, and Advice From Assholes returns. Special visitor Todd Smith joins the podcast and reacts to a current video of his roommate kissing his ex-girlfriend.

It was throughout his time in jail where Jeff started to cut the hair of other inmates and earn money by doing so. Speaking to Durte Dom on his podcast, Jeff revealed that although the whole experience was scary at first, it quickly becomes uninteresting. So, many people know that Jeff clearly went to prison for a number of months, however what truly landed him in a cell was his dealing and possession of drugs. Whilst it’s unclear what the precise surroundings are around the arrest, we all know that he was dealing quite a lot of substances including marijuana and cocaine, and that his bond was set at $61,000.

Jeff Wittek Star Wars Beefy Boys Black Shirt

The Vlog Squad is dealing with serious allegations of sexual assault. YOUTUBE star Jeff Wittek has shared photographs of himself with a black eye in a latest video addressing allegations made against the Vlog Squad. In a video titled My Truth, Jeff claims the only one that accused him of buying alcohol for minors was Trisha. Jeff was dragged into the controversy after it was alleged he bought alcohol for underage ladies the same night time of the alleged sexual assault. In 2011, he created a YouTube channel and began uploading appearing periods, coiffure movies, and personal life entries.

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“Once Hannah and Audrey had been within the room with Zeglaitis, Sarah mentioned the opposite members of the Vlog Squad started making an attempt to pay attention in. Some of them even opened the door to take a look at what was taking place, Sarah stated. In retrospect, Sarah thought it was “disgusting” that people had been watching. That could also be true, however the account of the sober good friend within the article suggests it wasn’t completely a scripted bit the subsequent day. She offered the journalist with a video of David holding his digital camera and trying to open the bed room door, saying that Dom had locked it from the inside. Based on that, it appears as though in fact David must reshoot those looking in scenes, he tried to do it initially and couldn’t because of the locked door.

Scott & Jeff additionally inform stories from their Australia and Miami journeys. Also mentioned is how a sure Jake Paul has lastly referred to as out Jeff for a boxing match. This week there is a brand new French Bulldog trying to take Nerf’s spot. The tensions are excessive and Jeff does all he can to keep everything calm by talking about his life before The Vlog Squad again in State Island.